Pourquoi et avec qui évoquai-je cette excellente anecdote que j'avais découverte chez Damien? (Plus de deux ans... incroyable.)
Je recopie, pour ne pas perdre, et fais une note mentale pour ce Ringolevio:

«Our revolution will do more to effect a real, inner transformation than all of modern history's revolts taken together ! . . . In no stage of our advance, in no stage of our fighting must we let chaos rule ! . . . Nobody can doubt the fact that during the last year, a revolution of the most momentous character has been swelling like a storm among the youth of the West. Look at the strength of awareness of the young people today ! Look at our inner unity of will, our unity of spirit and our growing community of thought ! Who could compare us with the youth of yesterday ? We are unanimously convinced that strength finds its expression not in an army, in tanks and heavy guns, but rather ultimately expresses itself in the common working of a people's will ! The will that is uniting our groups with the conviction that men and women must be taught the feeling of community to safeguard against the spirit of class warfare, of class hatred and of class division ! . . . We are approaching a life in common, a common life of revolution ! A common life to work for the revolutionary advancement of peace, spiritual prosperity and socialism ! Toward a victorious renewal of life itself ! . . . Our job is to wake everyone up and do away with illusions ! So that when the people are finally awakened, never again will they plunge into sleep !
«The revolution will never end ! It must be allowed to develop into streams of revolutions and be guided into the channel of evolution . . . History will judge the movement not according to the number of swine we have removed or imprisoned, but according to whether the revolution has succeeded in returning the power to the people and in the bridling of that power to enforce the will of the people everywhere ! . . . Power to the people !»

Acclamation triomphale, standing ovation - Grogan reste immobile, attend que le silence revienne - Il explique alors qu'il refuse les applaudissements, parce que ce discours n'est pas de lui : il a été tenu pour la première fois au Reichtag en 1937 et son orateur était Adolf Hitler - Personne ne moufte - Emmett Grogan s'empresse de filer, alors que la foule, soudain consciente de l'entourloupe, explose de rage, casse tout et met le feu, déchaînée contre celui qui lui avait malicieusement désigné la duplicité de toute ronflante phraséologie révolutionnaire.

(Cette anecdote se trouve dans Ringolevio d'Emmett Grogan, à lire absolument pour une connaissance lucide des sixties...)