An "agony aunt" is someone in a newspaper who answers the personal questions of the readers.
Never heard this expression, and what an expression !

Long walk along the sea, on the Sandycove beach — not far from the Joyce museum (closed on Monday…). We had the project to go there, but we had not the time before going to take her daughter after school.
Some people are swimming each day of the year (with just a swimming trunk, not a combinaison!)
The starlings are as familiar as pigeons. Since the lock-down the seagulls (which were alone in town during several weeks) are very bold. One stole a McDo from a man's mouth.

The daughter (13 years old) is invisible. She doesn't eat with us. She's always snappy.
At 13, is the fact there are strangers from all over the world (a Japanese woman will come next month) in your kitchen annoying or interesting? Always the same discussions (because Julia's job is to provoke discussions) or always something new?

I found a text from Kapuscinsky in a small anthology about mothers. He was seven years old in 1939 and describes exactly the same scenes in Poland than in France during the Exode. But one year before. The French peope were not careful enough.
Kapuscinski said there were only dead horses along the roads (because the men were quickly buried), as it was a war between horses.
Kip's family has a house in Caux near Pézenas. They found papers from world war I, accountability diary and maps. Kip is looking for an institution to give all these papers.

Your Honor episod 2. Julia and Kip had an argument before dinner (I was not here, I don't know what it was about) and the evening was tense. The young and big boxer slept on my knees while we were watching TV.